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The Different Styles of Home Architecture

Texas Hill Country Custom Home

Paradigm Design & Construction is a Dallas home builder that offers custom architectural design for North Texas residents looking to build custom homes. We specialize in building all types of homes, including contemporary, Tudor, Victorian, and so many more. The following are the most popular home design options our customers request for their custom homes.


The modern home plan came into existence in the 1920s and was influenced by the designs of Philip Johnson, Ester McCoy, and Rayner Banheim. Modern home designs typically include geometric designs with clean lines and 90-degree angles. Walls are clean and free of moldings and other architectural décor. Home buyers can expect lots of windows, large open floor plans, and roofs that are flat or very low pitched.

These homes are perfect for individuals and families that love simple designs and open family spaces.


Mediterranean house plans are based on the features of the homes around the Mediterranean Sea. These homes boast neutral or brightly colored stucco exteriors and red tiled roofs that are designed wider than the walls of the home. The over-sized roof is designed to provide shading for the home.

These homes are perfect for hot weather climates like North Texas because they are optimized to make the most of patios and exterior family gathering areas. They’re also great for families that love to spend time outside as well as inside.

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country homes are a mix of modern convenience and Wild West style. They are typically constructed with either wood or stone exteriors, wide porches, and lots of rough-hued wooden beams and poles. They contain country kitchens, screened porches, and large open floor plans. Homes can come with or without wood burning fireplaces.

These homes are perfect for families that love the ambiance of exposed wooden beams and rustic Wild West features.

Paradigm Design & Construction would love to build your new custom home specifically for you. We have more than 30 years experience in residential and commercial construction and can offer you exactly the home you need for your family. For more information on our architectural designs for custom homes, call us at 972-542-6959.

Preserving Historic Homes in Dallas

Historic Home RenovationRenovating a historic home is in many ways more challenging than remodeling a newer construction. Unlike other types of remodeling projects, historic home renovations need to match a specific time period while seamlessly incorporating modern amenities and adding touches of contemporary design. At Paradigm Design & Construction, we understand the need to preserve your home’s rich history while improving its functionality and increasing its value. With extensive experience in Dallas home construction and renovation, we have the expertise to turn your dream project into reality.

If you are like most people who have an older home badly needing an update, chances are you’re wondering whether you should go with a historic remodel or a modern gut renovation. While residential home design is a very personal choice, there are a few reasons why historic renovations are worth some serious consideration. By restoring an older home, you can preserve a piece of the past and an important part of Dallas history. More importantly, properly renovating a period home can increase its value dramatically.

Buying historic homes with restored original details and modern updates is one of the hottest trends in today’s real estate industry. If you are thinking about selling your property in the near future, giving your home a contemporary face lift while keeping its unique details and layout is a great way to attract potential buyers quickly and maximize your profits.

It’s true that historic home renovations are quite complex, which is why it’s important to choose the right supplies and get everything done in a way that matches the property’s original construction date. Unless you have experience in restoring old homes, handling your renovation project on your own can be overwhelming, stressful, and dangerous. Remember also that some older homes contain hazardous materials or have severe structural damage.

The advantage to hiring professionals like the restoration team at Paradigm Design & Construction is that we can guide you through the process of remodeling a historic home on your time and budget. Call us at 972-542-6959 to find out how we can help you bring your historic home back to life and increase the value of your investment.

Design and Build Your Dream Home with Paradigm

Dallas Custom Home Builders

Custom home design gives you the opportunity to make decisions about the features and functionality that you want in a new house. You can hire an architect to draw original plans for you, or you may prefer the customized plans that a Dallas custom home builder can provide. Paradigm Design and Construction is a quality builder specializing in architectural structures for homes and businesses.

New home construction is a major event for most people, marking a new beginning for first-time homeowners or a fresh start for others. Selecting the plans, estimating the construction costs and choosing a site comprise the steps that follow the more important step of finding a builder. You have to evaluate qualifications like the following to make sure you choose the right one.

Technical Proficiency

Successful experience in the construction industry for more than 30 years is good measurement criteria. A builder who has devoted a lifetime to perfecting construction methods has produced results that you can see. Paradigm Design and Construction offers this and more to each client.

A Personal Connection

New home construction is a collaborative effort that requires your builder to understand your personal preferences. The depth of experience that you find at Paradigm assures you that every request you make is possible. Our Dallas custom home builders listen carefully and work closely with you to make your construction project enjoyable and successful.

In addition to technical competence and the ability to listen, your contractor needs to demonstrate a personal connection to you by giving your concerns the highest priority. To confirm your selection of the right builder for your new home, verify that these policies are in effect:

  • use of the most dependable and high quality materials
  • adherence to agreed schedule and budget
  • willingness to communicate openly on project status
Depend on Paradigm

Paradigm Design and Construction has an outstanding record of working with clients in all stages of the construction process. From creative design with a registered designer through site selection and construction, you have a reliable partner and advisor that you can count on. Call 972-542-6959 to start planning the home of your dreams.

The Value of Major Home Renovation

Expand Your Home

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Your home should always be ready to take on those surprises, especially when they help grow your family. Babies, aging parents, and returning college kids are all reasons to expand your home. With help from Paradigm Design and Construction, you can now build home additions onto your house to accommodate your family changes. Let our team help you today!

The real estate market is currently at a place where selling isn’t always advantageous for homeowners. If you’ve recently bought a house and now find that your family is expanding, it can be difficult to relocate in time. Instead, expanding your home by adding an extra room can make space for your new family addition and add real value to your home. This addition will pay off when it comes time that you are able to sell your home, you’ll be able to fetch a higher price.

Perhaps you don’t have a growing family—home additions can still benefit you. With the state of the economy, most people are thinking about how to make extra income. Your home can provide you with that extra cash in the way of tenants. Adding extra space for rent allows you to add extra value to your home and extra income every month.

At Paradigm Design and Construction, we understand that any construction project can be stressful for homeowners. We always start our projects by sitting down with our clients to discuss their particular wants and needs. In doing this, we know that when we start construction, we always have the customer in mind. Your construction project is completely yours—we’re just here to help you bring it into reality.

If you’re looking to expand your current home, call our McKinney architectural design team at Paradigm Design and Construction today: 972-542-6959. We’re proud to serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.