The Different Styles of Home Architecture

Texas Hill Country Custom Home

Paradigm Design & Construction is a Dallas home builder that offers custom architectural design for North Texas residents looking to build custom homes. We specialize in building all types of homes, including contemporary, Tudor, Victorian, and so many more. The following are the most popular home design options our customers request for their custom homes.


The modern home plan came into existence in the 1920s and was influenced by the designs of Philip Johnson, Ester McCoy, and Rayner Banheim. Modern home designs typically include geometric designs with clean lines and 90-degree angles. Walls are clean and free of moldings and other architectural décor. Home buyers can expect lots of windows, large open floor plans, and roofs that are flat or very low pitched.

These homes are perfect for individuals and families that love simple designs and open family spaces.


Mediterranean house plans are based on the features of the homes around the Mediterranean Sea. These homes boast neutral or brightly colored stucco exteriors and red tiled roofs that are designed wider than the walls of the home. The over-sized roof is designed to provide shading for the home.

These homes are perfect for hot weather climates like North Texas because they are optimized to make the most of patios and exterior family gathering areas. They’re also great for families that love to spend time outside as well as inside.

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country homes are a mix of modern convenience and Wild West style. They are typically constructed with either wood or stone exteriors, wide porches, and lots of rough-hued wooden beams and poles. They contain country kitchens, screened porches, and large open floor plans. Homes can come with or without wood burning fireplaces.

These homes are perfect for families that love the ambiance of exposed wooden beams and rustic Wild West features.

Paradigm Design & Construction would love to build your new custom home specifically for you. We have more than 30 years experience in residential and commercial construction and can offer you exactly the home you need for your family. For more information on our architectural designs for custom homes, call us at 972-542-6959.