The Value of Major Home Renovation

Expand Your Home

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Your home should always be ready to take on those surprises, especially when they help grow your family. Babies, aging parents, and returning college kids are all reasons to expand your home. With help from Paradigm Design and Construction, you can now build home additions onto your house to accommodate your family changes. Let our team help you today!

The real estate market is currently at a place where selling isn’t always advantageous for homeowners. If you’ve recently bought a house and now find that your family is expanding, it can be difficult to relocate in time. Instead, expanding your home by adding an extra room can make space for your new family addition and add real value to your home. This addition will pay off when it comes time that you are able to sell your home, you’ll be able to fetch a higher price.

Perhaps you don’t have a growing family—home additions can still benefit you. With the state of the economy, most people are thinking about how to make extra income. Your home can provide you with that extra cash in the way of tenants. Adding extra space for rent allows you to add extra value to your home and extra income every month.

At Paradigm Design and Construction, we understand that any construction project can be stressful for homeowners. We always start our projects by sitting down with our clients to discuss their particular wants and needs. In doing this, we know that when we start construction, we always have the customer in mind. Your construction project is completely yours—we’re just here to help you bring it into reality.

If you’re looking to expand your current home, call our McKinney architectural design team at Paradigm Design and Construction today: 972-542-6959. We’re proud to serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.